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Hi, I’m Molly. Most who know me would say something about my smile or positive energy, but don’t let it fool you – I once had a client tell me she wanted to “smack that smile right off [my] face” while putting her through her interval workout…

You could say I started my fitness journey young, having enjoyed sports and an active lifestyle up through high school, but my true passion for fitness didn’t begin until I was in the most unhealthy phase of my life – college – anyone else? We hear about it often, the ‘Freshman 15’, and I definitely gained that…and probably more. So many things change in that period of your life – out on your own, meeting new people and wanting to impress them, late night studying to try and keep grades up, dorm food, and of course, alcohol. Most people are all too familiar with this phase, but it is just a phase, isn’t it?

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For me, it did end up being a phase, and I am grateful I found my way out of it. However, it took me about 6 years to find my way out. During those 6 years I was studying Movement Science at the University of Michigan, learning all about how the body works; I started working at a fitness boutique in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan and had access to some of the best trainers and instructors, and yet I was still struggling. I became a personal trainer, managed our Fat Loss Program at the fitness boutique, and started helping many clients reach their goals, but I still hadn’t reached mine…what was I doing wrong?

My “WHY.” That is what I had wrong all along. My “WHY” was my reason for doing workouts, fixing my eating habits; it’s the reason or purpose for the goal you set. For so long, I was focused on getting in great shape so others could see me that way. Why not for myself? Not once, not ever before had I tried getting healthier JUST FOR ME. And let me tell you, once I changed my “WHY” to be focused on what I wanted for myself, I not only got results, but I learned so much more about myself, and the person I wanted to continue growing into.

So, I’ll leave you with this – what’s your “WHY”?


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